Valcambi uses Emergent blockchain technology to trace gold provenancedownload
Valcambi at the 12th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains download
Press release - Minera Limata - 20180405download
Valcambi Journey on ASM - 20180405download
Minera Limata Profile EN - 20180405download
Comunicado de prensa - Minera Limata - 20180405download
El Trabajo de Valcambi con MAPE - 20180405download
Minera Limata Historia ES - 20180405download


Press release - Statement il Sole 24 Ore - 20170710download
Valcambi joins World Bank/OECD World Centre of Excellence roundtable          download
Valcambi at the 11th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains download
Valcambi joins United Nations Global Compact - 201704download
Valcambi part of the Swiss Global Compact Dialogue - 201702download
Answer to SOMO and Public Eye - 20170221download
Letter from SOMO and Public Eye to Valcambi - 20170214    download
Press release - Statement il Caffé - 20170208download


Valcambi funding member and strategic partner of EPRM - 201611download
Answer to SOMO and Public Eye - 20161115     download
Request from SOMO and Public Eye - 20160912     download
Valcambi new partner of the Global Mercury Partnership - 201608download
Valcambi and Fairphone strategic partnership - 201601download
Press release - BD and Somo Report - 20151126     download
Answer to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 20151012     download
Request from Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 20151009     download
Attachement to the BHRRC request - BD response - FINAL   download
Announcement - DD enhancements - 20151009     download
Valcambi licenced to process fairtrade certified gold- 201502download
Announcement  - Enhancement of DD process - 20151002     download
Press release - Bern Declaration (english) - 20150912    download
Press release - Bern Declaration (german) - 20150912download
Press release - Bern Declaration (italian) - 20150912download

Ref. Yanacocha

Answer to GFBV - 20161116 download
Request from GFBV - 20160927 download
Answer from Valcambi to ZDF - 20151002 download
Answer from Yanacocha to ZDF - 20150929 download
Request from ZDF to Valcambi - 20150819 download
Answer from Valcambi to Kassensturz - 20151002 download
Request from Kassensturz to Valcambi - 20150922download