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Legal books

Valcambi is incorporated and has legal seat in Switzerland (Company Identification Number:    CHE-102.067.731). As such, Valcambi is subject to Swiss law, including the following specific Laws and Acts that have relevance to our business activities and those of our Clients.

  • As a precious metals refiner, Valcambi is subject to the Swiss Federal Act on the Control of Trade in Precious Metals and Precious Metal Articles (Precious Metals Control Act , PMCA).
  • When acting as a financial intermediary, Valcambi is subject to the Swiss Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Financial Sector (Anti Money Laundering Act , AMLA). Consequently, as required under Anti Money Laundering Act, Valcambi is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Precious Metals Control Office.

Valcambi is audited annually by the Swiss Precious Metals Control Office to prove its compliance with the Swiss Anti Money Laundering federal law.

KYC / AML and KYP Process

Valcambi places great importance on maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its Clients within the framework of the law. Our internal due diligence procedures are regularly updated to ensure compliance with changes in Swiss laws and statutes.
Under Swiss Law, Valcambi is required to obtain, verify and record ownership and specific business information about its Clients prior to opening a business relationship and establishing an account.
Valcambi’s Client identification procedure consists of the following steps: