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Panorama of Valcambi sustainable plant

Our strategy towards sustainability

When it comes to safety issues we do all we can to be an industry innovator and leader, a world class operator, a corporate citizen and a good employer.
We are working to improve safety and Risk Management, earn trust and grow value. We are enhancing our systems, processes and standards. We must earn everyone's trust by being responsible and fair and by closely monitoring our performance and reporting in a transparent way.

We are reorganizing to become a simpler business focusing on what we do best. Our values, the core part of “how” to do business, our Code of Conduct, our sustainability strategy and our development targets have been carefully aligned so that our employees can bring them to life every day. 

Valcambi is committed to this strategy with the objective of creating a positive work environment, generating jobs, investment and infrastructure and in maximizing our socio-economic contribution. A strong, safe Valcambi that operates in a responsible and sustainable manner will be a valuable contributor to growth and progress in the precious metals refining industry while also adding to the reputation and wellbeing of our country and our local community.

For our stakeholders' benefit we concentrate on the following key elements of sustainability.

Health and SafetyEmployees - Customers & Suppliers - Communities
EnvironmentResponsible operations - Energy, chemicals and water - Airborne emissions - Noise pollution - Waste - Obligations under REACH regulation
SocialHR and recruitment - Employee development - Workforce structure and management - Customer care - Relationships with suppliers - Interaction with the local community
Risk ManagementAudit, Risk & Credit Committee (ARC) - Compliance & safeguard reputation - Internal Control - Integrated Due Diligence Process