Health and Safety

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We work to reduce exposure to occupational risks, including allergic diseases, fatigue or stress and other health issues. Our desire is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and to prevent harm to the health of employees, contractors, visitors and members of the local communities who may live or work near our operating site.

Valcambi focuses on safety performance as a core value and strives for superior performance in this and every area. Safety is about efficiencies, rates of return on investment and ensuring sustainability to achieve exceptional commercial outcomes. Most important, safety is about everyone taking personal responsibility.

We strive to identify risks before accidents occur and integrate our safety management system into the way we do business. We apply rigorous standards to all manufacturing processes that have any risk of serious accident.


We expect all our personnel to take personal responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of everyone around them. We do this by continuously reinforcing the importance of safe practices. Our leadership is fostering a culture where everyone is focused on safety, on managing and reducing risk and on safe, reliable and compliant operations.  

Customers & Suppliers

We show to our customers how a sustainability strategy helps Valcambi to provide innovative products and services. We like to work in partnership with customers to develop innovative solutions and mitigate market and regulatory risks.
We aim to encourage our suppliers and customers to adapt to the values of sustainability which we uphold.


We engage with key stakeholders in our community. Where possible we minimise the local impact of new development through consultations with local authorities and communities.
As an employer we have an important contribution to make to the economic development of our local community but also through collaboration and investment we can add to the local economy. We  allocate an annual budget to community investment activities and charities.