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Our aim is to be recognised for how we do business, support our employees and our local community.  

HR and recruitment

We work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best people in the market. Our selection processes are rigid but fair. We aim to attract skilled, talented and energetic professionals. A major part of our future success will derive from the energy of our employees. Therefore we aim to create an inclusive working environment, where everyone is treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference and to give their best. We reward staff not only for what they deliver but also how their behaviour reflects Valcambi's values.

Employee development

We provide career development opportunities for all our employees, including external and on-the-job training plus opportunities such as language courses and in house training. We employ graduate trainees in all areas of our business for up to one year, offering them a chance to find strengths and interests. For young people who are still attending school we offer the opportunity to make 1 or 2 weeks of summer work in the administrative departments or to make 2 days job orientation. 

Workforce structure and management

Valcambi treats all employees equally. We want to attract and choose the best people. We aim to employ those with technical skills to form a solid base for the structural changes we expect to come in the precious metals refining sector over the next few years.
We prefer permanent employment wherever possible but fluctuations in demand for our services do require some utilisation of temporary employees. Women make up 15% of our global workforce mainly employed in the administrative departments, especially in key positions (both top and middle management). Our employees work under collective wage agreements; before the recent introduction (2013) of the minimum wage, our salaries were already higher. Our employees can receive a variable bonus. Part of this bonus is based on the company's performance while the other part is determined by the individual's job performance and the meeting of set targets.

Customer care

Transparency, excellent services and high quality products are the foundations for a long lasting business relationship and loyal customers. We can assure our clients that the material sourced by us derives from ethical sources, from suppliers adhering to local and international environmental standards and that are fully compliant with international labour standards and employment legislation.

Relationships with suppliers

It is our aim to source goods and services from local or national suppliers wherever possible. For any procurement purchase over USD 15’000 we request three quotations, with at least one from a local or national supplier. 

Interaction with the local community

The socio-economic contribution of Valcambi to the local economy is very important. Besides the direct economic impact from employment, our activities also indirectly support a number of local businesses. By supporting and being supported by the local community we are an integral part of the local economy. Regular combined exercises, held at Valcambi, increase the good connections we have enjoyed for many years with the local Fire Brigade and Police.
Valcambi contributes directly to several local projects and institutions through sponsorship.