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Valcambi official logo introduced in 2011

This logo is a frame made of four equal triangles, singularly representing a stylized 400 oz LBMA Good Delivery gold bar cut diagonally.
The combination of the four triangles builds into a golden square, a shape used throughout history by many different cultures, including the Tibetan Mandalas, the famous 18th century Italian garden labyrinths, the Chessboard and Da Vinci’s universally known drawings of the human figure.
Four triangles drawn into a circle create a motivation typical for many universal symbols and signs such as Yin and Yang, Olin (an Aztec cultural icon) and the mystic cross.

The four elements revolving around an empty centre symbolize openness, helpfulness and welcome.
Like a pioneer Valcambi has combined these stylized half standard bars set into the antique arch-type symbol (square) to create an unique and incomparable logo symbolising the perfect harmony between gold and the spirit of time.