Green Gold

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Green Gold is traceable gold. Valcambi Green Gold is a premium quality precious metal product the origins of which are fully documented and independently validated. Valcambi Green Gold is sourced only from mines which adhere to the highest standards of environmental stewardship, Health & Safety and human rights of their labour force.

The handling and processing of Green Gold by Valcambi is entirely segregated within our plant from the point of arrival through refining (using specially dedicated crucibles and electrolytic refining banks), through the continuous casting process using dedicated crucibles to the manufacturing of cast, minted and semi-finished products.

The entire Green Gold supply chain is under the control of independent supervisory and audit processes. Valcambi guarantees the very highest standards for "Valcambi Green Gold".

Green Gold products

Valcambi Green Gold products are currently available in the form of Valcambi 1 kilo bars (999,9 purity), standard bars (999,9 purity), gold grain, minted bars, coins and on request semi-finished products for the watch-making industry produced with Green Gold.

Green Gold offical stamp

Whenever you see this  brand on a bar or ingot you will know that it has been refined, assayed and manufactured by Valcambi adhering to the strictest environmental and human rights policies.

Our bottles of Green Gold grain are sealed at Valcambi's plant in the presence of an Independent Auditor who attends the entire refining and manufacturing process.