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Coins and Medals

Valcambi has many years of experience in creating, designing and producing numismatic coins and medals. Valcambi produced the world's first half gram pieces in gold and silver for collector and numismatic purposes.

Minted coins and medals are cut from specially prepared rolled metal sheets. The ingots have a very high quality finish, guaranteed purity and are produced in the same facility as our minted coins. Our production process allows us to manufacture alloys of all types in-house for any kind of product purity request, including Valcambi Green Gold.

The combination of Valcambi’s precision, the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship enable us to create high-quality commemorative or legal tender products in any kind of precious metal. The service we provide includes original artwork creation, design, special projects, plaster work, die preparation, manufacturing of high quality semi-finished products, as well as final minting products, including packaging.

All coins and medals produced in our mint are certified by our laboratory, thoroughly inspected by our operators, individually packed and carefully controlled before shipment. We take great care over each and every demand by our Clients and we react immediately to ensure that we bring only the very best service and products to you.