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Innovation in the spirit of the times

Valcambi has for many years been one of the world's largest manufacturers of minted ingots. Examples of our innovation include the world's first 1 oz minted ingot and the first minted 1000 g bar. The Hallmark is not only a guarantee for quality of Swiss workmanship, it guarantees also the fineness of the most sought after bars in the world, desired by precious metals connoisseurs and investors alike. Valcambi’s production process allows us to quickly adapt our production streams, enabling us to produce a number of different products simultaneously, with the highest finishing standards on very short delivery times.

CHI-Essayeur Fondeur

Whenever you see this Assay Mark (Assay stamp of refiner) on a bar or ingot you will know that it has been refined, assayed and minted by Valcambi.


Minted bars (sometimes called wafers) are cut from specially prepared rolled metal sheets. Our bars have a very high quality finish, guaranteed purity and are produced in the same facility as our minted coins. Our standard minted bars show Valcambi's Hallmark (logo, weight, metal name, fineness, essayeur fondeur and bar number). On the reverse is written Valcambi Suisse.
Our old standard minted bars show only Valcambi's name on both sides.

Our bars are accepted world-wide and can be ordered in three different package formats: 

  1. Security sealed in a PETG blister packed together with a cardboard serial numbered certificate in the size of a credit card (available only for gold bars from 1 g to 100 g). This packaging system has been devised to provide superior protection against tampering and also offers an attractive presentation of the ingot.
  2. Sealed in a PVC blister with a separate serial numbered certificate. The PVC bag is the packaging standard for gold bars in the 250-500 g range (also available for platinum, palladium and silver).
  3. Valcambi can also provide customized packaging, including a security sealed version with an integrated cardboard serial numbered certificate to suit clients' individual requirements. 

All metals and bars produced in our foundry and minting facilities are certified by our laboratory, carefully inspected by our operators, individually packed and controlled before shipment. Reacting to the demands of investors in different markets around the globe, Valcambi has carefully developed a range of bar standards, forms and new designs to ensure we deliver precisely what the market needs.