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Valcambi provides a range of financial solutions for most aspects of the physical precious metals business allowing our Clients to grow their business and to keep costs low.

Many years of experience and a deep knowledge of precious metals markets enable us to offer complete financing solutions and bespoke advisory services to our Clients. Our tailor made solutions help to reduce any upfront capital requirements.

Valcambi’s flexible financial solutions are based on our good credit rating, our longstanding and immaculate reputation and on our close and long-term relationships with a wide range of major financing providers in the market.


Our Clients outline their financing needs to us and we assess each case individually. Having analyzed the business structure and the different possible financing solutions, the final proposals are submitted to the Client supported by simulated calculations and spreadsheets.

The most appropriate financing solution is chosen by the Client. Valcambi then arranges the financing, simulates the invoicing in a dry run in order to exclude possible future mistakes and where necessary instructs the Client's back office.