Cast Bars customization

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Subject to an order being at least equivalent to 2 production shifts, Valcambi can deliver customized gold cast bars within the size range from 1000 g to 50 g in all fineness's.

Fineness                                               Available weights
1000 g500 g250 g10 tolas100 g5 tolas50 g
999,9     •    •    •    •   •
999,0     •      •    •     •   •
995,0     •    •   •

Please note: All the non-marked products in the table can be produced on request

Using the standard size tooling, obverse bar design can be customized according to Client’s wishes, provided that the presence of compulsory marks is ensured. To ensure traceability each individual bar is marked with its unique serial number.

Certificates are inclusive and can be customized on request.
Fineness, weight and authenticity of our bars are ensured by Valcambi’s Assay Mark stamped on each individual bar.