Transportation for Refiners

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Valcambi will provide offers from 2-3 forwarding agents. Depending on what has been agreed with the Client, Valcambi or the Refiner will choose the most suitable forwarding agent. On request transportation contract will be an integral part of the refining agreement between Valcambi and the Refiner.

If Valcambi arranges the pick-up on behalf of the Refiner, the following shipping advice and information are required from the Refiner:

  • Number of packages or boxes
  • Gross weight of packaging, bags and bars
  • Number of bags and bars
  • Total net weight of each bar
  • Total estimated gold content of shipment in ounces
  • Estimated silver content of shipment in ounces
  • Other information relating to the shipment as Valcambi may reasonably request
  • Name of the Client’s Representative at the weighing, melting and sampling procedures if one is designated
  • Arrival of the shipment at Valcambi

Valcambi will confirm to the Refiner that the goods have been delivered to and received by Valcambi.

Additional services

On request Valcambi can provide: 

  • Import services and transportation from Zürich airport to Valcambi
  • Transportation ex Valcambi door-to-door or door-to-airport