Transportation for Scrap Dealers

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Valcambi will provide offers from 2-3 forwarding agents. The Client will choose the most suitable forwarding agent for his purposes. If Valcambi arranges the pick-up at the designated delivery point, the following shipping advice and information are required from the Client:

  • Description of the material 
  • Number of packages or boxes
  • Gross weight of packaging, bags and pieces
  • Number of bags and pieces
  • Total net weight
  • Total estimated gold/silver content of shipment in ounces
  • Other information relating to the shipment as the Client may reasonably request
  • Name of the Client’s Representative at the weighing, melting and sampling procedures if one is designated
  • Arrival of the shipment at Valcambi

Valcambi will confirm to the Client that the goods have been received by Valcambi.