Semi-finished Products

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Semi-finished Products

Valcambi has decades of experience in manufacturing precious metals alloys and highly specialized products for the watch industry including watch cases, bezels, back plates, and monocoques. Valcambi's product offering to the watch industry is second to none in quality and precision.

In our fabrication process we adopt only processes conforming to ISO 9001 with closely controlled in-house manufacturing of semi-finished products.
On request, pieces can be either manufactured using our Clients' delivered dies or we can produce the dies in-house. We guarantee our product quality and offer an  unparalleled level of Client service.

When the world's finest watchmakers and jewellery companies ("haute gamme") sell their high value handcrafted products, it is vital that they and their customers have complete confidence in the components they are supplying and buying.

At Valcambi, we are proud to enjoy the trust of our Clients and to know that around the world many successful business people, athletes, musicians, scientists, and anyone who values excellence in Swiss watch craftsmanship, are quite likely to be wearing a watch where the case and many other parts of the timepiece have been produced by our skilled technicians. Reputation is everything in the luxury goods sector.

Valcambi is a name that has been trusted by the most famous names around the globe and in the Swiss watch industry for over a half of a century.