Press release - 27.10.2023 Valcambi and ASFCMP break updownload
Press release - 08.09.2023 ref. Press articles 03.09.2023download
Press release - 08.09.2023 Brief von BCCMP Dr. jur. Michaela Schärerdownload


Press release - Legal Gold Imports from Russiadownload
Press release - Mitteilung betreff legale Goldimporte aus Russlanddownload


Valcambi partners with Fairtrade to promote responsible Peruvian artisanal and small-scale gold  download
Valcambi contributes to livelihood improvement of 1,300 Colombian gold panners                    download


Valcambi's partner, Anexpo, recognised for its committment during Covid-19download
Valcambi provides International market access to Colombian ASMsdownload
Valcambi with Tiffany and De Beers at ‘All that glitters’ conference download
Valcambi at the IGF AGMdownload
Launch of CRAFT 2.0 for Artisanal and Small-Scale miningdownload
Statement - Valcambi's journey on responsible sourcingdownload
Press release - SDS Technologydownload
Valcambi sponsors 2020/21 UK Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council (GC&DC) awards      download


Press release - Barequerosdownload
Press release - Valcambi medallion wins LBMA competitiondownload
Valcambi Anti-counterfeiting systemdownload
Valcambi becomes Principal Patron of the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council    download
Valcambi at the 13th OECD Forumdownload
Valcambi celebrates and visits Limata, Peru download
Valcambi new certificatesdownload
Valcambi at Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Genevadownload
Valcambi at Fairmined meeting Europe, Viennadownload


Valcambi at ASM conferences in Peru download
Valcambi at UN Global Compact ‘Tour de Suisse’download
Valcambi hosts EPRM board & members meetingsdownload
Valcambi at Terre Des Hommes Suisse roundtabledownload
Valcambi at International Conference of the Great Lakes Regiondownload
Valcambi at the UNDP ASM18 conference in Zambiadownload
Valcambi reaches understanding to acquire Republic Metals Corporationdownload
Valcambi uses Emergent blockchain technology to trace gold provenancedownload
Valcambi at the 12th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains download
Press release - Minera Limata - 20180405download
Valcambi Journey on ASM - 20180405download
Minera Limata Profile EN - 20180405download
Comunicado de prensa - Minera Limata - 20180405download
El Trabajo de Valcambi con MAPE - 20180405download
Minera Limata Historia ES - 20180405download


Press release - Statement il Sole 24 Ore - 20170710download
Valcambi joins World Bank/OECD World Centre of Excellence roundtable          download
Valcambi at the 11th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains download
Valcambi joins United Nations Global Compact - 201704download
Valcambi part of the Swiss Global Compact Dialogue - 201702download
Answer to SOMO and Public Eye - 20170221download
Letter from SOMO and Public Eye to Valcambi - 20170214    download
Press release - Statement il Caffé - 20170208download


Valcambi funding member and strategic partner of EPRM - 201611download
Answer to SOMO and Public Eye - 20161115     download
Request from SOMO and Public Eye - 20160912     download
Valcambi new partner of the Global Mercury Partnership - 201608download
Valcambi and Fairphone strategic partnership - 201601download
Press release - BD and Somo Report - 20151126     download
Answer to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 20151012     download
Request from Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 20151009     download
Attachement to the BHRRC request - BD response - FINAL   download
Announcement - DD enhancements - 20151009     download
Valcambi licenced to process fairtrade certified gold- 201502download
Announcement  - Enhancement of DD process - 20151002     download
Press release - Bern Declaration (english) - 20150912    download
Press release - Bern Declaration (german) - 20150912download
Press release - Bern Declaration (italian) - 20150912download

Ref. Yanacocha

Answer to GFBV - 20161116 download
Request from GFBV - 20160927 download
Answer from Valcambi to ZDF - 20151002 download
Answer from Yanacocha to ZDF - 20150929 download
Request from ZDF to Valcambi - 20150819 download
Answer from Valcambi to Kassensturz - 20151002 download
Request from Kassensturz to Valcambi - 20150922download