Armillary coins description

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These fantastic new, specially-designed 24 carat gold Armillary coins (A’coins) are unique, fresh and modern in design. The multifunctional character of each of the four A’coins maintains the purpose of a CombiBarTM but includes a level of possible functions previously not obtained by any coin.

Superb professional craftsmanship and the use of the latest technology has enabled Valcambi to create these new avant-garde A’coins. The round, 999.9 one-ounce piece of fine gold, an investment product with a hole in the middle, is in fact four ¼-ounce 999.9 legal tender gold coins issued by the Cook Islands. They are attached to each other in concentric circles, and can be twisted into a piece of art resembling an armillary sphere, or separated into four single ¼-ounce gold coins. The entire piece, as well as each individual coin, can be worn as a piece of jewellery.


The Greek astronomer Hipparchus (ca. 190 – ca. 120 BCE) credited Eratosthenes (276 – 194 BCE) as the inventor of the armillary sphere. An armillary sphere is a model of the celestial globe constructed from rings and hoops representing the equator and other meridians, and able to revolve on its axis. The name of this device derives from the Latin armilla (circle, bracelet).