Coins & Medals customization

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Coins and medals are among the most common types of tailored products that Valcambi supplies to its Clients. The Client submits to Valcambi an idea for new medals or provides a letter of authorisation and a legal tender confirmation to mint new coins.
According to a Client's request Valcambi prepares an agreed number of design proposals from which the Client can choose. Special finishing can be obtained through colouring techniques or by the setting of precious stones. Various types of standard finishing like special frosted effects can be included in Client's requirement. 

According to the Client’s decision we proceed with the creation of the plaster and, after its approval, with the development of the dedicated fabrication tools. A sample of the new product is then minted and delivered to the Client for final approval. Valcambi always keeps a representative sample as reference for mass production. Using the latest technology, Valcambi offers great flexibility allowing to produce both small and large volume orders, with the highest finishing standards with very short delivery times. Valcambi reliable Swiss workmanship translates into the best products at the most competitive prices.  

Offer and orders get structured according to Clients' requests, volumes and required service features. Subject to a minimum ordered quantity the Client will only be charged for the realization of the first set of minting dies. Development and realization of customized individual certificates and packaging solutions are integral to the service we offer to our Clients.