Green Gold customization

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Subject to a minimum order size Valcambi can produce on request, from Green Gold, a complete range of cast (size range from 50 g to 1000 g) and minted bars (size range from 10 g  to 1000 g), coins and a wide range of semi-finished products for the watch-making industry.

Beyond our standard shapes and sizes, special requests can be met using our dedicated range of in house master tools and minting dies according to Client's specifications. Obverse and reverse bar design can be customized according to a Client’s wishes, provided that the presence of compulsory marks is ensured and the design respects the rules of the Swiss customs in regards to Value Added Tax (VAT).

Green Gold official stamp

Each bar will be stamped with Valcambi’s Assay Mark and Green Gold brand to assure quality and guarantee authenticity. We design customized individual certificates and tailored packaging solutions for our Clients as required. 

All our Green Gold products are produced at Valcambi's plant in the presence of an Independent Auditor who attends the entire refining and manufacturing process.