Weighing process

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Workmen weighing bars

Phase 1 - Establishment of net weights
Before proceeding with the actual weighing of the material the balance shall be verified by using standard reference weights. The material shall be divided  into melting lots according to the Client's specific instructions. If such instructions have not been previously agreed, the material shall be divided at Valcambi’s discretion, according to the best interests of the Client, based on the kind of the received material and on Valcambi's melting capacity.
The total net weight of each melting lot is printed by the balance and recorded in the ERP system.

Phase 2 - Comparison of net weights with the Advised Information
The established net weights are then compared with those listed in the Advised Information and Valcambi shall promptly notify the Client or its Representative in case of discrepancies.
The processing of the material will be deferred until Client and Valcambi have reached an agreement on the difference. In the event the Client and Valcambi do not reach an agreement on the difference within two Business Days from the date of notification, the material will be returned to the Client or to its Representative at Valcambi's premises and at Client’s costs without any further obligation for Valcambi.